No charges will be filed after four babies were found in a Boston freezer

The medical examiner's office couldn't determine how long the babies had been frozen.

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BOSTON, MA – A year and a half after four babies were found in a freezer in South Boston, the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office has announced it will not file charges.

The case began to unfold on the afternoon of Nov. 17, 2022, when Boston police were called to an apartment in the 800 block of East Broadway after a man and his wife found four babies “frozen solid” in shoeboxes in a refrigerator, officials said , he cleaned his sister's apartment.

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The babies, two boys and two girls, who were intended to be siblings, were all full-term and had umbilical cords. Officials said the coroner's office was unable to determine how long the babies were frozen, whether they were born alive or how they died.

An extensive investigation ensued, during which officers were able to determine that the apartment was owned and occupied by 69-year-old Alexis Aldamir, who moved to Amherst from Maryland with her family in 1971, when she was nearly 17 years old . She moved from Amherst to Boston around February 1979. Records show that Aldamir purchased the South Boston apartment in October 1983 and likely began living in the apartment as early as April 1982.

Investigators found Aldamir in a residential health facility and used DNA samples to confirm that she was the mother of all four babies and that the babies' father died in 2011.

She worked for an accounting firm in Boston from March 1980 to October 2021, although her colleagues – who described her as hard-working – said they never knew she was pregnant. However, investigators were able to determine that Aldamir had five children with the same man and gave one of her children up for adoption. The other four were found in their apartment.

That's when potential criminal justice issues began to arise, officials said.

“To charge murder, there must first be evidence that the victims were alive,” officials said. “The coroner must also determine a cause of death. In this case, investigators cannot prove the babies ever lived, and there is no cause or manner of death.”

Furthermore, the autopsy revealed no evidence of injury to the babies, and since the father is now dead, he cannot be charged with a crime.

Finally, there's the question of whether Aldamir can stand trial, officials said.

“In late 2022, investigators visited the health facility where Aldamir now lives,” officials said. “They questioned her about the babies that were found in her apartment. Throughout the interview, Aldamir appeared confused and showed that she did not understand where she was or who she was talking to. Therefore, she was unable to provide investigators with any meaningful information.”

That left the officials with their conclusion.

“A prosecutor cannot, for ethical reasons, proceed with a case that it believes in good faith that it cannot bring to trial,” officials wrote. “Based on the evidence obtained during the investigation, including the many unanswered questions about the cause of death of the four babies, prosecutors have determined that they cannot bring this case to trial. Therefore, this investigation will not result in criminal charges.”

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