Alaska News Nightly: Friday, May 3, 2024

Cars in the Alaska Laser Wash at Lake Otis on May 1, 2024 (Photo by James Oh / Alaska Public Media)

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Friday on Alaska News Nightly:

The court decision that declared some correspondence quotas unconstitutional is on hold for the time being. Additionally, fisheries managers will limit salmon fishing in federal waters of the Yukon River to federally qualified subsistence users. And how the rapid expansion of car washes across the country fits the “Netflix model.”

Reports this evening from:

Rachel Cassandra, Wesley Early, Casey Grove, Jeremy Hsieh, Rhonda McBride and Ava White in Anchorage
Dan Bross in Fairbanks
Eric Stone in Juneau
Meredith Redick in Sitka

This episode of Alaska News Nightly is hosted by Casey Grove, with sound engineering by Chris Hyde and production by Tim Rockey.

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Tim Rockey is the producer of Alaska News Nightly and covers education for Alaska Public Media. Reach him at or 907-550-8487. Read more about Tim Here.

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