People enjoy the warm Friday afternoon on Lake Michigan

Many people enjoyed the sunny weather on Lake Michigan Friday afternoon.

A sailboat sails on Lake Michigan near Racine on Friday.

Ryan Patterson

Sailboats and fishing boats were on the water.

A group from the Kenosha Achievement Center drove north to have an outdoor lunch next to the Pershing Park Boat Launch.

have fun

Bailey Sundstrom (left) and Collin Buggs have fun during lunch Friday near the Pershing Park Boat Launch.

Ryan Patterson

A family met for a weekend in Racine, where one of the family members grew up.


David McClarin (from left), Deirdre Poindexter-McClarin, Brielle Wade, Ashley McClarin, Stephannie Wade and Brayden Wade spent time near Lake Michigan in Pershing Park on Friday.

Ryan Patterson

It was over 60 degrees in Racine on Friday afternoon, and temperatures are expected to be over 60 degrees on Saturday as well. However, cloudier weather with showers is forecast for Saturday.

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