The death of a South Carolina pastor's wife is under investigation as her family warns against “false” stories

This story is about suicide. If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988 or 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

North Carolina authorities are reportedly investigating the death of Mica Miller, the 30-year-old wife of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina pastor John-Paul Miller.

Robeson County officials reportedly found Miller's body last weekend on April 27 at Lumber River State Park – about an hour's drive from the Millers' hometown of Myrtle Beach – and are investigating how she died, according to ABC 15.

However, John-Paul told his congregation that his wife died by suicide and that she had been struggling with her mental health for years, but authorities had not revealed her official cause of death.

“She has struggled with suicide before. “Every time we helped her through it and took her to the doctor and we got through it and everything was fine,” John-Paul told ABC 15. “She even did a few testimonies here at church, which we have on video . She was battling suicide, but God took care of her and brought her through.”

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Mica Miller of Myrtle Beach

The Robeson County Sheriff's Office in North Carolina is reportedly investigating the April 27 death of 30-year-old Mica Miller of Myrtle Beach.

An obituary for Miller said the 30-year-old woman was “energetic, affirming, adventurous, loyal, loving, generous, forgiving, talented, joyful, creative, assertive, courageous, determined, authoritarian, passionate, hard-working and a risk-taker.” , and so much more.”

However, Mica's relatives on social media noted a part of the obituary that struck them as strange: “She praised her husband after every service and told him he was the best preacher in the world (even though that wasn't true). She also told him he was the funniest preacher in the world (although that wasn't true either).


Wedding of Mica Miller and John-Paul MillerWedding of Mica Miller and John-Paul Miller

Mica Miller's family noted a strange line in her obituary that said she “would praise her husband after every service and tell him he was the best preacher in the world (even if that wasn't true).”

The Horry County Clerk's Office in South Carolina confirmed to Fox News Digital that Mica Miller had filed three separate requests for “separate support and alimony” since last year – the most recent was filed on April 16. Separate support and alimony allow one spouse to obtain a court order of support from another spouse without an official divorce.

Since Mica's death, which shocked the Myrtle Beach community, her family and friends have been sharing posts on social media with the hashtag “JusticeforMica.”

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Her sister pleaded with her friends on social media to “not listen to false stories” about Mica.

“Mica was a God-fearing, joyful, loving woman who did not deserve the abuse she endured. If you hear anything about this from anyone other than her family, please question it and reach out to her siblings or parents,” she wrote.


“I spoke to her several times during her last week here on Earth,” Mica’s friend wrote on Facebook. “She planned to get a haircut, get help paying for her car because she hadn't paid her divorce lawyer, and planned to meet us at church on Sunday for the second service. My last text with her on Friday at 9:19pm was a woman making plans for her life!!!! What happened between Friday evening and Saturday?”

Fox News Digital contacted John-Paul's Myrtle Beach church, Solid Rock at Market Common, for comment but did not immediately receive a response. The Robeson County Sheriff's Office also did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital.

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