World's largest collection of artifacts on a single subject, world record in Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States – Located on Main Street in Salt Lake City
Pioneer Memorial Museumalso known as
Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museumhas an impressive collection: many thousands of artifacts spread over six separate floors, encompassing all manner of items dating from approximately the 1840s to the 1870s; It sets the world record for this
The world's largest collection of artifacts on a single themesays the WORLD RECORD ACADEMY.

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“But with all of these museums scattered across the Beehive State, it is still bizarre to think that Utah is home to the world's largest collection of artifacts on a single subject. And what is this topic you may be wondering? Well, the pioneers of course!” The
Only in your state says.

“On Main Street in Salt Lake City is the Pioneer Memorial Museum, also known as the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum. This museum is known for housing the world’s largest collection of artifacts on a single theme – the pioneers.”

“As you walk through this museum, you will find thousands of items, exhibits, collections and more that tell a story and show the lives of these brave people decades ago.”

Pioneer Memorial Museum Boldly claims to house “the world’s largest collection of artifacts on a single subject”—made up of items brought to Utah by pioneers! “It's definitely a very impressive collection: many thousands of artifacts spread over six separate floors, covering all types of items from the period from about the 1840s to the 1870s,” the said
Niche museums says.

“Don’t miss the basement, where both a two-headed lamb and a giant carved eagle guard a collection of sewing machines.

“There is also plenty of Mormon history here, including a wagon that served as Brigham Young’s council chamber, speaking platform and home for the long journey to the Salt Lake Valley in 1847.”

“The Pioneer Memorial Museum (also known as the DUP Museum), located at 300 N Main Street in Salt Lake City, Utah, houses the world's largest collection of single-themed artifacts. Admission is free. The research area and photos are closed on Saturday,” The
official website says.

“Regarded as the world's largest collection of artifacts on a specific subject, the Pioneer Memorial Museum features exhibitions and collections of memorabilia from the time the first settlers entered the Great Salt Lake Valley to the amalgamation of the railroads at a site known as Promontory Point, Utah, May 10, 1869.

“When you enter the Pioneer Memorial Museum, you step back into history. Here are the possessions of a hardy pioneer people who migrated from Nauvoo, Illinois, and from all parts of the world 2,000 miles west across the plains to gain religious freedom and build a great city in the Salt Lake Valley and surrounding areas.

“The Pioneer Memorial Museum is like the headquarters of all the Daughters of the Utah Pioneer museums. This museum is best known for housing the wagon that transported Brigham Young to the Salt Lake Valley. There is also a really cool horse-drawn fire engine that has been beautifully restored (those were obviously my boys' favorite things to see).
Utah's Adventure Family says.

“There is an old theater seat and an old curtain from the Salt Lake Theater. We enjoyed viewing many old pianos, including one that was buried by a family passing through the prairie. (They later retrieved it after settling in Salt Lake). We also saw the original Eagle Gate and a replica of the golden spire that connected the transcontinental railroad are the big items to look for, but there are thousands of smaller items like newspapers, books, clothing, shoes, tools, toys and much more.

“The best part – it’s FREE. They accept donations (which we were happy to give) and with your donation you can take home a small book containing some amazing pioneer stories and pictures from the museum.”

“The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers proudly describe the museum as “the world’s largest collection of artifacts on a specific theme.”
National Park Service says.

“The claim is easy to believe: This museum is packed with thousands of everyday and fascinating objects, all part of Mormon history. Please allow at least a few hours for the visit.”

“Among the most notable items are an Army supply wagon captured by the Mormon militia from Albert Sidney Johnston's troops during the Utah War of 1857, and three feathers from The Miracle of the Quail, when a flock of quail fluttered into a camp of starving Mormons Refugees on the Mississippi in 1846.

“The Pioneer Memorial Museum is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA[1] and is operated by the Daughters of Utah Pioneers
Wikipedia says.

“The Eliza Roxey Snow statue and the Ever Pressing Forward statue are located outside the building.”

“The museum is considered one of the world's largest collections of 19th century pioneer artifacts. It contains Mormon memorabilia, antique furniture and photographs,” the said
BYU trips says.

“The items that can be found in the museum include:

  • Unique canes from various people including Orson Hyde and Brigham Young
  • Willard Richards watch
  • Portraits of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young painted in Nauvoo
  • The main stage curtain of the old Salt Lake Theater
  • Photographs of numerous pioneers
  • Pioneer clothing (including the clothing worn by Orson Pratt the day he entered the Salt Lake Valley)
  • A musical organ transported across the plains by George Careless, on which he composed several hymns now sung by Latter-day Saints…”

“You can find relics from the early days at the Daughters of Utah Pioneers (DUP) museums throughout Utah, but the Pioneer Memorial Museum is by far the largest,” the said
Lonely planet says.

“The massive, four-story treasury resembles Utah's attic, with a stuffed two-headed lamb and artwork made from human hair, as well as more predictable artifacts.”

“The Pioneer Memorial Museum is the final resting place for many of the items that pioneers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints carried with them as they traveled west from Nauvoo, Illinois, and the museum strangely boasts that it is Museum in the world is the largest collection of artifacts on a specific topic
Atlas Obscura says.

“The museum is operated by the Daughters of Utah Pioneers, an organization dedicated to remembering this fateful trek across the country.

“Behind the glass cases are objects that speak to the everyday domestic life that Latter-day Saint migrants brought with them on their migration—quilts, pianos, weapons, clothing and more. Some of the items are somewhat unexpected, such as Buddhist sutra scrolls in the manuscript room brought by Chinese and other Asian workers on the transcontinental railroad, or a kris dagger brought by a pioneer originally from Indonesia.

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