Montana, think clearly vs. emotionally, Tester, Sheehy

I have been a registered independent for 25 years. I failed to blindly join any political party. I have voted for both Democrats and Republicans and do my due diligence before voting for the candidate or issue that best supports America and Montana.

The election is strong in Montana's upcoming Senate election. We have Sen. Tester, a career politician, and Tim Sheehy, a fresh face with a new perspective. Their worldviews, backgrounds and political orientations could not be more different.

As a Vietnam era veteran and 30+ year law enforcement veteran, I cast my vote for Sheehy.

My position is based on formal education, real-world experience, and having lived/worked around the world during the “perestroika” of the 1990s, including in Russia and Ukraine. I have seen firsthand the result of countries run by professional students, politicians, and those who are more concerned about their ill-informed “rights” than their responsibilities to be truly educated and responsible Americans.

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I'm pretty sure both men above have their well-documented imperfections. However, only one man was willing to sacrifice his life on the battlefield, has a proven track record in business, and does not join the radical left in DC. Sheehy is Montana's top choice for U.S. Senate.

If you are well-informed and use sound deductive or inductive reasoning, I encourage all Montanans to vote in this upcoming election. I believe that the survival of our state and country is at stake.

Anna Harden

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