Herald wins 22 first place awards in North Dakota Newspaper Association-Grand Forks Herald competition

MANDAN – The Grand Forks Herald won three special awards and a total of 22 first place awards in the North Dakota Newspaper Association's annual Better Newspapers competition.

Sav Kelly, public safety reporter for the Grand Forks Herald

Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

The majority of awards were announced during afternoon events on Friday, while special awards were announced during the annual NDNA banquet on Friday evening. At the banquet, the Herald's Sav Kelly was named NDNA Rookie Reporter of the Year, while the Herald also won the NDNA Community Service Award and the Public Notice Journalism Award.

The winning entry for “Community Service” was submitted by the team consisting of Carrie McDermott, Delaney Otto, Pamela Knudson and Korrie Wenzel. The team of Matthew Voigt and Wenzel won the Public Journalism Award.

In another special category, the Herald took second place in the General Excellence category.

The Herald's 22 first-place awards surpass those of the paper's last two years; The Herald and its staff won 15 first-place awards in both 2023 and 2022.

Below are all the awards won by the Herald and its staff at this year's NDNA event:

General excellence: Herald's staff, second.

Overall concept: Herald's staff, third.

Rookie reporter: First Sav Kelly.

Community service: Team consisting of Carrie McDermott, Delaney Otto, Pamela Knudson and Korrie Wenzel, first.

Public notification journalism: Team of Matthew Voigt and Korrie Wenzel, first.

Best Use of Social Media: First, Tom Miller.

Best website: Third, staff.

Business news: Delaney Otto, honorable mention.

Editorial writing: Korrie Wenzel, second.

Editorial page overall: Korrie Wenzel, first.

Function reports: Korrie Wenzel, first.

Function reports: Sav Kelly, second.

Function reports: Sam Easter, honorable mention.

Feature series: Team consisting of Pamela Knudson, Delany Otto, Maeve Hushman and Korrie Wenzel, second.

Government reporting: Ingrid Harbo, second.

Government series: Team of Meghan Arbegast, Korrie Wenzel and Jeremy Turley, third.

Best headline: Joshua Irvine, first place.

Best headline: Brad Dokken, third.

Information graphic: Matthew Voigt, third.

Online reporting of breaking news: Herald Staff Honorable Mention.

Personal column, humorous: Chuck Haga, honorable mention.

Personal column, seriously: Brad Dokken, first.

Personal column, serious: Chuck Haga, third.

News coverage: Team of Sav Kelly and Matthew Voigt, third.

Report series: Sav Kelly, honorable mention.

Special news area: First, Brad E. Schlossman.

Sports column: Brad E. Schlossman, second.

Sports feature: Abby Sharpe, second.

Total sports page: First, the herald's staff.

Sports coverage: Brad E. Schlossman, second.

Sports series: First Ingrid Harbo.

Sports series: Abby Sharpe, third.

Ag photo: First Eric Hylden.

Feature photo: Eric Hylden, honorable mention.

News photo: Eric Hylden, first.

Outdoor/leisure photo: Eric Hylden, first.

Image Photo: Eric Hylden, honorable mention.

Picture story: Eric Hylden, third.

Portrait: Eric Hylden, third.

Sports photo: Eric Hylden, second.

Spot News Photo: Eric Hylden, third.

Ad series: First, the herald's staff.

Agricultural display: First, the herald's staff.

Best Digital Display: Herald's staff, second.

Entertainment/Spirits Advertising: First, the herald's staff.

Food display: Herald's staff, second.

Health display: First, the herald's staff.

House/Garden Display: First, the herald's staff.

Sports/outdoor advertising: Herald's staff, second.

Advertisement for the newspaper: Herald's staff, third.

Advertisement for the newspaper: Korrie Wenzel, staff member, honorable mention.

Promoting newspaper readership: Korrie Wenzel, employee, second.

Advertisement for the newspaper: Sue Lindlauf, Sara Slaby, third.

Signature page: Herald's staff, second.

Single display: First, the herald's staff.

Classifieds: First, the herald's staff

Use of color: Herald's staff, second.

Vehicle display: First, the herald's staff.

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