Montana Brown Opens Up About Postpartum Hair Loss, Says She's 'Bald Now'

After giving birth to her beautiful baby son Jude three months ago, Love Island's Montana Brown revealed she was suffering from postpartum hair loss.

In a story posted to her Instagram today (Thursday, September 21), Montana shared a photo of the small bald spot with the caption: “Even with everything else postpartum. I've since washed my hair for the first time in a long time.” The surgery was so painful, but it was worth it. Then I realized that I'm bald now. This is fantastic news.”

This follows a series of other stories Montana shared on Instagram this month in which she informed her followers that she was hospitalized and had to undergo surgery after giving birth, but did not specify the reason.

Montana Brown hair loss after childbirth


In a series of photos uploaded to Insta, Montana speaks openly and honestly about her journey to recovery since the birth of her child, often citing the pressure and need to “get back in shape” after pregnancy , to look and feel a certain way.

Fans were quick to support the Love Island star with heartfelt messages flooding the comments section of each of Montana's posts.

A follower recently wrote: “Wow, you're doing great. I can't imagine how hard it was but you remain super strong.” While another referenced Montana's situation, commenting: “I'm two weeks post op! It's a long road, but it's definitely getting easier. Keep an eye on pain relief and anti-inflammatories, ice and elevation. You've got this.” This!”

It can't be easy, Montana, but we send you love!

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