New Jersey Food Prices Up 25%!

New Jersey Food Prices Up 25%!

Food is a topic that everyone can identify with. We can all complain about food prices. Every time you go to the store the price increases at the checkout. A recent Patch article cited information showing that groceries in New Jersey are up 25%. That's a significant increase of 25%. So let's look at the story behind the surge here in the Garden State.

In a current one Patch In this article, data from software solutions company Traceone shows that grocery shopping in New Jersey increased 25% following the pandemic. There has been a dramatic increase in certain foods nationwide in recent years, which is hurting everyone's wallet and stomach!



Prices Up For Groceries like Eggs, Beef, Chicken, Canned Goods


Here’s a look at price increases: (Since March 2020)

  • Eggs have increased by 50%
  • Beef roasts increased by 40%
  • Chicken increased by 29.2%
  • Canned fruits and vegetables increased by 31.6%


Other Findings in the Traceone report found, “in New Jersey, 7.1 percent of consumer spending goes to groceries.” In addition, “New Jersey households also average $275 on weekly grocery spending, or $192 per week for one-person households, $220 per week for two-person households, $273 per week for three-person households and $290 per week for four-person households.” We find that we don’t spend the average (2-person household) we are below the $220-a-week mark. How do you make out at check-out? Are you above or below the averages? I think we can all agree that it’s a pain in the wallet at check-out.


Let’s hope this summer we see a break at check-out. Have you started any ways to save at home? Share your money-saving tips and post your solutions below. One way we save is through my wife April’s garden. She provides a lot of vegetables every summer and she “cans” for the rest of the year. So we will save a lot by having our produce right in the backyard. Are you gardening at home to save a few dollars?




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