Jodi Sta. Maria was named the best psychology student

Aug 13 – Jodi Sta. Maria proves that she doesn't mess around with her studies as it was recently revealed that she is the top psychology student at Southville International Schools and Colleges in Las Pinas.

The actress recently shared the good news with a video on Instagram in which she is seen hugging a friend as the host announces her name and the screen shows that she has achieved a 3.8 GPA .

She wrote: “The last few years of studying pre-med have shaped me, trained me, tested me… but here I am almost at the end of the race as I complete my final year of undergraduate studies.”

“I have played many roles in my life – an actress, a daughter and most importantly a mother. But as a student, I was looking for one of God's most important gifts – the chance to get my bachelor's degree in psychology. Every subject.” I had the opportunity to develop further and achieve new successes.

“God prepared me for every challenge and experience and taught me to run my race without giving up. I have learned to be receptive to the entire process and to be more aware of what I am learning and why. I want you to know how exciting and stimulating an education can be. It is with a grateful heart that I can tell you that I was able to complete this semester with flying colors. Thank you, God, for the gift of perseverance, patience and eagerness to learn and become. I am at the beginning of an even greater journey and am excited to see where it will take me.

Sta Maria was also one of the best students in the previous semester with a grade point average of 3.67.

(Photo Source: Jodi Sta. Maria Instagram)

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