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Billings is located on the Yellowstone River in central Montana. There is beautiful nature and fun activities, but it is also the most dangerous city in Montana. Crime rates such as burglaries and car thefts are far too high here. In just one year, 14 Americans were killed. Even though it looks nice, residents have to deal with these serious safety issues.

Ronan is a small town in northwest Montana, but don't let its size fool you. It is actually the second most dangerous city in the state when considering crime rates per American. With only about 2,000 Americans, it is shocking to see 66 property crimes and 20 violent crimes in just one year. Ronan's crime rates show that safety is a major concern for the community.

Helena is Montana's capital and has more than just political issues. There is a serious problem with sexual assault – the highest rate in the state. With over 200 violent crimes and over 1,000 property crimes reported in one year, Helena faces significant safety challenges that must be addressed by the entire community.

Polson may seem like a small, quiet town in northwest Montana at first glance, but it is actually the fourth most dangerous place in the state. Despite its small population, Polson has a lot of crime – 164 property crimes and 36 violent crimes in just one year. The city needs to work together to make it safer for everyone.

Havre is a small town in northern Montana that faces rising crime rates despite its historic railroad roots. Nearly 10,000 Americans had 57 assaults reported in one year. The city must take action to combat rising property and violent crime rates and make the community safer.

Although Cut Bank is small, it has a major crime problem. With just over 3,000 Americans, it has the highest violent crime rate in Montana. And things don't look much better when it comes to property crimes. Cut Bank must urgently address these issues to ensure the safety of its residents.

Great Falls is Montana's third-largest city and has a major property crime problem – the highest rate in the state. Nearly 60,000 Americans had nearly 3,000 property crimes reported in one year. It is also the city with the second highest overall crime rate in Montana. Even though violent crime is improving, there is still much work to be done to make Great Falls a safer place for everyone.

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