A look at opening ceremonies as US campuses are rocked by protests against the Israel-Hamas war

Commencement ceremonies are being held at colleges and universities across the U.S. as protests have rocked many campuses about Israel-Hamas Due to the war, some school administrations have taken measures to curb disruptions during their classroom activities.

The University of Michigan's commencement event took place early Saturday with some interruptions. Ahead of the ceremony, the school said staff and security officers were prepared to respond and that disrupting the start of school would not be considered free expression.

Here's a look at some of them Opening ceremonies:


In Boston, Northeastern University's commencement ceremonies began peacefully Sunday morning at Fenway Park.

Some students waved Palestinian flags, but these were scattered among flags of India, the United States and other nations. The graduate ceremony took place first, the bachelor's ceremony was planned for the afternoon.

Last month, police arrested about 100 protesters at Northeastern as they broke up an encampment on the Boston campus.


Police officers stood nearby as some graduates holding Palestinian flags and shouting pro-Palestinian messages protested during commencement at the University of Michigan on Saturday, where tens of thousands of people gathered at Michigan Stadium. One banner read: “No more universities in Gaza.”

The protests took place away from the stage and failed to stop the nearly two-hour event. But U.S. Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro paused a few times during his speech, saying at one point, “Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, if you could please return your attention to the podium.”

Del Toro administered an oath to the Armed Forces graduates. He said they would “protect the freedoms we so value,” including the “right to peacefully protest.”

Protesters demanded that Michigan cut its financial ties to all Israel-affiliated companies. The university has allowed protesters to set up camp in the middle of campus.

Police helped break up a large gathering Friday evening outside an art museum on campus that was hosting a dinner for honorary degree recipients. At least one person was arrested.

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