Plaza Azteca expands in South Jersey: Voorhees and Marlton coming soon

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Plaza Azteca is a popular Mexican restaurant and bar in Sicklerville, New Jersey, and they are expanding into two new locations in South Jersey: Voorhees and Marlton.

42Freeway collaborated with the popular Facebook page A View from Evesham (Facebook) on this story. AVFE's Neil initially found solid leads for the new Marlton location, and 42Freeway learned of the plans for Voorhees and confirmed both with local management. (AVFE Facebook post here)

Large tents are set up at Plaza Azteca in Sicklerville for the Cinco de Mayo celebration! New locations are coming to Voorhees and Marlton

Recently, management at the Sicklerville location began sharing the exciting news of expansion plans with loyal customers, mentioning both Marlton and Voorhees.

A loyal 42Freeway reader reached out to me with this message and I discovered that the Plaza Azteca website has already been updated to reflect a location in Voorhees Soon to the Boulevard Shops in downtown Voorhees! (although I would like to say that the building address provided is incorrect)

Continuing to do the tough undercover journalism I'm famous for, my wife and I visited the Sicklerville location on Friday for a delicious dinner and chat with local management…who also confirmed upcoming locations in Voorhees and Marlton.

It's a very smart move for Mexican restaurant group Plaza Azteca, with the recent restaurant closures of Mexican Food Factory (Marlton) and Jose Tejas (Mt. Laurel) last year… as well as Don Pablo's a few years ago… it's a very smart one Move Big gap for delicious Mexican food served with amazing margaritas.

If you weren't familiar with Plaza Azteca, 42Freeway covered the opening of Sicklerville in 2015. That was at the very beginning of the 42Freeway website and I believe Plaza Azteca was my very first invitation to a free “friends and family” dinner!

Plaza Azteca offers a true Mexican dining experience in a beautiful setting, including a full bar. There are so many signature dishes and cocktails, but one aspect that people always talk about is their “table guacamole,” where a A dedicated employee will drive a car to your table and freshly prepare your guacamole for you… right in front of you!

Today, the restaurant group has 50 locations, including over 20 in Pennsylvania! Who knew?!

I would also like to mention that today is Cinco de Mayo and there is a big Cinco de Mayo celebration taking place at Plaza Azteca Sicklerville. Large tents are set up out front offering delicious Mexican food, refreshing beers, delicious margaritas, music and much more festive and fun times!

Plaza Azteca Sicklerville – Cinco de Mayo!

Plaza Azteca Sicklerville has moved to a new Facebook page, so be sure to follow them there!

It's too early for opening dates, but we'll update as we learn more. Read below to learn more about the two locations.

Plaza Azteca Voorhees

As mentioned, Voorhees is listed as “Coming Soon” right on Plaza Azteca’s main website under “New Jersey”!

The address leads to the boulevard in the Voorhees Town Center, a new Main Street-style building next to the Echelon shopping center. The Boulevard section is also home to Iron Hill Brewery and Rodizio Grill.

The Catelli Duo wine bar and restaurant also previously operated there, but it never reopened after being closed by the pandemic.

So my instinct tells me that Plaza Azteca will take over the Catelli Duo location. This makes sense, of course, since it is already set up as a restaurant, with a kitchen and an outdoor terrace.

However, each of the buildings in the settlement has its own address, and Plaza Azteca shows the address 10,000… even though Catelli Duo was actually in the 12,000 building. The 10,000 building is a closed large gym.

So I've seen some online leasing materials for the entire complex that list the entire complex's only address as 10,000. So I'm betting this is where this temporary address confusion comes into play.

I assume that Plaza Azteca will take over the former location of the Catelli Duo restaurant.

I was here last week and looked into the windows of Catelli Duo… it's like a scene from a movie after all the residents have suddenly left the city and everything in the restaurant is still as it was when the restaurant was busy Operations were… Employees went home one day in 2020, expected to return in a few days!

So it looks like the space will be reopening soon with a Mexican flair!

Plaza Azteca Marlton

Plaza Azteca is also moving to Marlton, taking over a location previously owned by Bertucci.

Neil from the Facebook page “a View from Evesham” was aware of this story as he was the first to report that Bertucci's had closed in early December 2022. (Facebook post)

Neil had also recently discovered that Plaza Azteca had formed a new LLC tied to the Bertucci's location, clearly “owning and operating the restaurant and bar.”

This happened a short time ago and Neil decided at the time to wait for further corroborating evidence.

So my visit this week to the Sicklerville location and my conversation with management confirms what Neil found…in case it wasn't clear, he and I worked on this story together!

As a side note, if I'm being completely honest, Neil does such a great job in the Marlton area, he's the reason you don't see many posts from me out there! I can't hang out with the King of Marlton!

The location for Bertucci's and the upcoming Plaza Azteca is on Route 73, slightly near the former Marlton Circle.

The building is located in front of the parking lot of an office building. Mission BBQ is open across the parking lot.

On the other side of Route 70 (and just a little further) are Bonefish Grill and Fleming's Prime Steakhouse

The upcoming Plaza Azteca Marlton is also about 1.25 miles from the closed Jose Tejas. Jose Tejas stayed at their location for a year.

As we learn more, we will share more!

Links and locations

Plaza Azteca Sicklerville
611 Berlin – Cross Keys Rd
Sicklerville, NJ 08081

Soon: Voorhees and Marlton

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