Kristi Noem defends apparent threat to kill Biden's dog Commander

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South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem stuck to a passage in her upcoming book in which she appeared to say she would also kill President Biden's troubled dog Commander, joking that the presidential pup Cricket would “say hello.” would, the puppy she was known to have shot.

Noem, 52, stressed that Commander, who was removed from the White House last fall after dozens of reports that he had bitten people, had raised safety concerns with staff and Secret Service agents.

“Joe Biden's dog attacked 24 Secret Service employees. So how many people have to be attacked and dangerously injured before you decide to get a dog??” Noem reflected on this on CBS' “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has admitted to shooting one of her dogs, Cricket, because he was “nothing more than worthless.” CBS

“This is the issue for which the president should be held accountable.”

The Republican, who had been mentioned as a possible candidate to replace former President Donald Trump, dodged a question from moderator Margaret Brennan about whether she meant to say, “He should be shot.”

In February, the White House announced that Biden, 81, had given away Commander to relatives as a more permanent solution after several biting blunders and revelations that the German Shepherd had drawn blood from a Secret Service agent.

Noem's name had long been in circulation as a possible vice presidential candidate for Trump. However, she found herself in controversy after a passage about her shooting the family dog ​​was revealed in a preview of her book.

“I hated that dog,” Noem recalled of the wire-haired female in an excerpt previewed by The Guardian. “[Cricket was] dangerous to anyone she came into contact with.”

Noem then described how she shot the “disgusting, musky, rancid” smelling family goat that she said was “chasing children.”

Noem mentioned in her memoir that Biden's dog should “say hello to Cricket.” Facebook / Kristi Noem

The governor insisted she did not want to celebrate the shooting but simply wanted to describe the “difficult decisions” she had to make on a ranch nearly 20 years ago.

“I made a difficult decision. I believe you are also a mother and have small children. “Would you choose between your children or a dangerous animal?” Noem asked rhetorically.

“What I'm sick of in this country is politicians pretending to be something they're not. That they’re not willing to have the hard conversations.”

Noem further explained that she had put “months of training into this dog” but to no avail, and that Cricket came from another family that also had issues with her.

Visit to North Korea

Another point of controversy raised by Noem's book was a passage in which she twice described meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, whom she initially referred to as “president.”

“I remember meeting North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un,” she wrote. “I’m sure he underestimated me, as he had no idea what my experience of staring at little bullies was like (I had been a children’s priest, after all).”

Noem has since said she is working to correct that passage in her book.

Biden's dog Commander was removed from the White House last year after several biting incidents. Getty Images
The Biden White House announced that Commander was given away to relatives in February. Twitter/POTUS

On Sunday, Noem was cautious about whether she had actually met with the North Korean dictator — or whether she had toured the Hermit Kingdom, something very few U.S. officials have done.

“I will not talk about my specific meetings with world leaders. “I just won’t do that,” she said. “That anecdote shouldn’t have been in the book, and as soon as it was brought to my attention, I made sure that — that was adjusted.”

But she insisted she visited the pariah state.

“There are details in this book that deal with visiting the DMZ [demilitarized zone] and details I would like to share,” she said. “There are some details I don’t want to reveal.”

The DMZ is a heavily guarded part of South Korea near the border from which tourists and others can get within sight of the North.

Brennan pressed Noem that she didn't notice the glaring mistake of dating Kim when she was recording audio for the book.

“I have taken steps to ensure that this is the case [corrected]“Noem emphasized.

Her book is scheduled to go on sale on Tuesday.

On Saturday, Trump met in Palm Beach with a cadre of presumptive vice presidential candidates at the spring meeting of the Republican National Committee.

Noem was present for parts of the retreat but left early, NBC reported. Her name was not included in the RNC reading of the convention as a candidate who accompanied Trump on stage.

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