Three people were injured in a freak accident at the parade, according to Maine police

Three people were hit by a classic car at the start of a parade in Kennebunk on Saturday.

The names of those involved have not been released

According to police, two of the three people suffered serious injuries to their lower extremities in the incident. The names of those involved were not disclosed.

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Officials say it was a “total accident.”

Officials with the Kennebunk Fire Department say the accident occurred at the start of the parade formation on Water Street. The incident was a total accident involving a vintage car that was in line for the parade. The vehicle reportedly lurched forward unexpectedly, crushing several people between the car and a trailer that was acting as a float. There were numerous children on the trailer at the time. Several children suffered bumps and bruises, but none were seriously injured. Three adults were injured, two more seriously than the third.

People on site jumped to the aid of the injured

Several bystanders helped police treat the patients, including two medical assistants. Officials with the Kennebunk Fire Department thanked everyone who helped with the incident on the department's Facebook page. They wish everyone involved a speedy recovery.

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