Zebra “Shug” rescued near North Bend and makes his way home to Montana

The last of four zebras that escaped near North Bend on April 28 has been safely captured. The mare, initially misidentified as a stallion, was rescued Friday evening in the Riverbend neighborhood after being on the run for nearly six days. Photo courtesy of Regional Animal Services of King County.

By Seattle Medium Staff

After winning the hearts of local and international people during her nearly week-long escapade, a wayward zebra affectionately known as “Sugar” or “Shug” finally makes her way to her intended home in Montana Friday evening following a successful rescue operation .

The dramatic capture occurred shortly after 7 p.m. local time in the Riverbend area, southeast of North Bend, Washington. Shug had evaded capture for nearly six days in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains after escaping from a trailer on Sunday. The zebra was being transported along with three others from Winlock, Washington, to Anaconda, Montana, when a problem with the trailer caused it to stop on Interstate 90 near North Bend. When the owner took care of the trailer, the zebras escaped. While three were quickly rounded up, Shug remained elusive until his successful capture on Friday.

“We would like to thank everyone who assisted in this successful operation by reporting sightings and sharing information about the zebra's location,” said Capt. Tim Anderson, operations manager for Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC). “Our King County community has truly come together to help Shug, and without their support we would not have been able to do the work we do.”

“The four wayward zebras were embraced by our community the moment they jumped off the trailer at Exit 32. “I am honored to have had the opportunity to witness Sugar’s safe recovery this weekend,” said North Bend Mayor Mary Miller of the collaborative effort that led to Shug’s rescue.

“It was a privilege to be a part of the successful rescue of this now-famous zebra,” said RASKC Wildlife Sergeant Samantha Moore, who witnessed Shug’s safe capture firsthand. “Seeing them safely loaded into a trailer and on their way home is the best outcome we could have hoped for and exactly what I wanted to see as an animal control officer.”

The rescue operation lasted about three hours. During this time, Shug was safely loaded into a trailer for transportation. Sergeant Moore conducted a quick examination and found that Shug appeared to be in reasonably good health despite her long adventure. However, it remains unclear whether the zebra's owner ordered a full veterinary examination.

Rescuers safely load Shug into a trailer for transport. A quick examination by authorities revealed that the zebra appeared to be in good health. Video courtesy of King County Regional Animal Services.

RASKC is currently in the early stages of its investigation into the escape and recapture of the four zebras. The investigation is expected to take several weeks, with possible citations or fines awaiting the owner until it is completed.

Throughout the ordeal, the zebras' owner remained in contact with RASKC from her home in Montana. She is now working with individuals in Washington state to house Shug until she can be transported to her intended destination. For the zebra's privacy and well-being, RASKC has chosen not to disclose the exact location where Shug is being held, only confirming that he is not in King County.

With the last missing zebra now safely located, the community can breathe a sigh of relief as Shug prepares for her journey to Montana, marking the end of a remarkable and heartwarming story that has captured the attention of people around the world.

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