Kristi Noem sits down for the brutal CBS series “Face the Nation” and discusses bizarre book anecdotes

Kristi Noem capped an embarrassing week with a brutal CBS Face the nation appearance in which host Margaret Brennan relentlessly questioned the South Dakota governor about the controversies surrounding her upcoming book.

At one point in the book entitled No more going backNoem recalled meeting North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and claimed he “underestimated” her. However, experts doubt that such a meeting could ever have taken place.

“Have you met Kim Jong Un?” Brennan addressed the governor directly, who avoided answering the question and instead said she had “met with many, many world leaders” and “made some changes” to the meeting book made.

“I have met many, many world leaders and traveled around the world,” Noem said. “I think I've talked extensively in this book about my time in Congress, my time as governor, before the governor and some of my travels. I will not talk about my specific meetings with world leaders. I just won’t do it.”

Her apparent refusal to say whether she actually met with the dictator is at odds with her admission that the anecdote should not have been included in the book – a point Noem made repeatedly during the interview. However, she never explained why she was leaving the story out of the final version.

Brennan tried to offer Noem alternative explanations, including whether she perhaps could have met with the South Korean leader instead, but Noem refused to clarify her actual reality.

The governor also claimed she traveled to North Korea through the Korean Demilitarized Zone, which borders the two nations and is open to tourists.

“There are details in this book that deal with visiting the DMZ and details that I would like to share,” she said. “There are some details I don’t want to share with you. I have traveled around the world and visited world leaders. Some of this is referenced in the book, and this anecdote is special. When this was brought to my attention we made some changes and when the book comes out we will do everything we can to make sure that is reflected.”

Noem was also angered by another anecdote in the book that was reported for the first time The guardin which Noem brags about executing her 14-month-old dog, Cricket, after he killed a neighbor's chickens and tried to bite them.

Noem wrote that she “hated” cricket, so she took the “extremely dangerous” dog to a gravel pit on her property and put him there. It was “not pleasant work,” she wrote, “but it had to be done.” (The governor also recalled the execution of an alleged goat too smelly and aggressive.)

The revelation, among other oddities contained in her book, sparked near-universal outrage and is widely seen as ruining her chances of being chosen as Donald Trump's running mate.

When Noem was asked about her chances as running mate on Sunday, she ignored the question and appeared to suggest to Brennan that President Joe Biden's dog, Commander, be shot for nipping at Secret Service agents.

Noem's advisers were reportedly hoping for this Face the nation The interview would produce some news, ostensibly to change the emerging public narrative of a cold, confusing politician. However, throughout the interview, Noem seemed to only use her time to deflect questions and attack Brennan by asking her why Brennan didn't bring up Joe Biden's lies – during an interview with Noem, not the president.

“If I had an interview with Joe Biden, which I have asked for several times, I will ask him about it,” Brennan said. “I’m asking you about your book.”

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