California representatives on campus are protesting across the country

WASHINGTON (CBS, KYMA/KECY) – California Representative Ro Khanna (D) spoke with Margaret Brennan on Face the Nation Sunday about the pro-Palestinian campus protests across the country.

“I think the president should and will go to campus,” said Khanna, who has visited colleges across the country during the student protests.

“This is a defining moment for this generation, similar to the anti-Vietnam protests, anti-apartheid protests, anti-Iraq war protests, and they tell us that over 30,000 people have died. It is time for this war to end,” he added.

Rep. Khanna said the protests had led to an “awakening” in Washington, saying: “Everyone, from the president down, is aware that young people are upset about what's happening in the Middle East, and I think that in “There has been an awakening in Washington that this war must end, that too many people are dying.”

“What is lost is that the few protesters who incite violence or engage in this type of anti-Semitism reduce the number of thousands of young people who simply want an end to the war,” Khanna said, as some people attend protests violent or extreme rhetoric were seen.

To see more of Brennan's interview with Khanna, click here.

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