Glamorous mother gives birth to a 15-week-old fetus in her toilet, then flees the hospital when she learns police have raided her home during a drug raid

  • Kaili McKenna Johnson gave birth to a 15-week-old fetus on her bathroom in Idaho
  • She then tried to escape the hospital after police officers found drugs in her apartment

An Idaho couple was arrested after authorities discovered a toddler had easy access to drugs in their home.

The discovery and subsequent arrest came after police were called to respond to a report that a woman had given birth to a 15-week-old fetus on her toilet.

Kaili McKenna Johnson and Christopher Roy Mitchell were later charged with combined felony counts of injury to a child, manufacture, delivery or possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana and a misdemeanor count of possession or use of drug paraphernalia.

Police reports indicate that a Bingham County sheriff's detective was called to a home to respond to the medical emergency, only to learn that Johnson had been taken by ambulance to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.

Kaili McKenna Johnson was arrested in Idaho on a series of charges related to child endangerment and drug possession – attempting to escape authorities from the hospital where she was being treated for giving birth to a fetus she gave birth to on her toilet , was born too early
Christopher Roy Mitchell was also arrested on a number of similar charges to Johnson. After she was taken to the hospital, he was found in the apartment full of drugs, drug paraphernalia and a toddler

Johnson's 18-month-old son and an unidentified friend were in the home at the time of the incident.

Authorities noticed the odor of marijuana coming from the home and noted in their report that they saw a joint on the kitchen table.

Mitchell returned to the scene and allowed officers to search the property. He also gave the detective a plastic container containing marijuana, which he confirmed was such.

Investigators later reported that they found “a large amount of paraphernalia…a large amount of marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, pills and suspected marijuana plants” in the apartment.

Prescription records show that most of the pills were purchased without a doctor's note.

After hospital staff requested a welfare check, investigators learned that Johnson and Mitchell had “escaped the hospital.”

At the time, Johnson had just been released from surgery and was reportedly still on IVs.

The district attorney said his office was unable to release the premature baby's status because there are legal restrictions on what information the public can receive in a case like this.

Police report that they found “outdoor drugs” in every single room of the small apartment.

In the bedroom there was a play area for the 18 month old with toys scattered everywhere. In that area, investigators said loose marijuana, methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia “surrounded” the designated play area.

The hospital where Johnson tried to escape after surgery for the premature birth of a fetus she delivered via the toilet as authorities pursued her on drug charges

Investigators further detailed the use of a plastic tray from a toddler's high chair as a plate on which “marijuana was separated and prepared for consumption.”

According to a local source, Johnson and Mitchell were also arrested in Bonneville County in late February on charges unrelated to this case.

The charges at that time also related to drug possession and use.

Mitchell was also charged with a number of violations for failing to register a vehicle he was driving, as well as other safety violations.

The couple was booked into the Bonneville County Jail. While they were there, two additional warrants were served from neighboring Bingham County.

There are no plans to move forward with the Bingham cases until the Bonneville cases are resolved.

Johnson could face life in prison if convicted, while Mitchell faces up to 19 years.

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