Rent this quaint and whimsical houseboat in Maine on Airbnb

I love using Airbnb because you come across rare gems like this! Previous guests of this quaint and whimsical houseboat on Maine's Rangeley Lake have described their stay as “magical,” “adventurous,” and “an incredibly special opportunity.” Rheanna enjoys Superhost status, meaning enough guests have given her five stars for location, cleanliness, value for money and communication. You go, girl!

Thanks to the narrow spaces of this houseboat, you can make yourself comfortable with your traveling companion. So be sure to book this trip with someone you really like! During your stay you can swim in the lake, canoe, read, relax, enjoy the frequent visit of loons, relax some more, stargaze and breathe in the crisp northern air!

Wi-Fi is not included on board Roam and service on the pond can sometimes be spotty. If the thought of not being able to scroll Instagram for a weekend makes you anxious, this might not be the escape for you. OR just bring a hotspot!

You'll be pleased to see that the Roam's interior is just as valuable as its exterior. Let's take a look, shall we?

Take a look inside this unique houseboat for rent on Airbnb

Check out availability in the full list below:

Floating Camp Roam ~ Pemaquid Pond Maine ~

PS: Roam has a brother boat called Floating Camp Nomad that can also be rented through Airbnb. You can rent both together if you are traveling in a larger group.

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