Bob Bird: Alaska's justice system needs to get back on track


Alaska is no different than the other states in one respect: we have constitutional fools running our governments, both at the state and federal levels. They have not read their history, the Federalist Papers, the terms under which each state accepted the U.S. Constitution, nor the plain language of our own flawed Alaska Constitution, which was drafted (with important changes) by a socialist think tank at the University of Alaska was written in Chicago.

“The Constitution means whatever the Supreme Court says,” which is how most congressional and state lawmakers think the system works. It's complete nonsense, but behind the dynamics of this theft lies centuries of jurisprudence. So when law attorneys are asked whether court interpretations should be followed, guess whose side they are on? In law school, they were taught that jurisprudence trumps all others, even though the opposite is true.

In the recent crisis of the courts here in the 49thTh (there were so many that it would take five columns to list and explain them), we are told that correspondence courses cannot be reimbursed by the state. Why? Because a judge says so!

Meanwhile, we are being told that democracy is under threat from the conservative side of the spectrum because the paralyzed media says so.

So… it must be true? All other voices have been suppressed and ignored, ridiculed and banished, even though “conspiracy theories” have repeatedly become “conspiracy facts” over the last four years. This applies not only to the Covid hoax, but also to January 6th, the stolen 2020 election, and the various nuances of the colossal lie called “climate crisis.”

All Gov. Mike Dunleavy has to do is this: “Based on the enforcement powers granted to me by the state Constitution, I will continue to authorize the reimbursement of distance learning courses for students in this state and will recommend the drafting of articles of impeachment by the State Senate for any judges who believe.” “To have enforcement powers.”

Even liberals have been known to say, “Our state constitution gives our governor immense authority and is quite unique in that regard.” It may or may not be a good thing, but if there is probably a consensus on both sides of the aisle, um For heaven's sake, Mr. Dunleavy – use it!

Here is the quote from Article III, Section. 16:

He may, by appropriate legal action or procedure on behalf of the State, enforce compliance with constitutional or legislative mandates or restrain the violation of constitutional or legislative powers, duties or rights by any officer, department or agency of the State or any political subdivision thereof. This power shall not be construed to authorize any action or proceeding against the legislature.

Using the phrase “or proceedings instituted on behalf of the State”, he does not have to go to the courts, which are the guilty party in the case. He must “enforce compliance with the state and legal mandate” to reimburse correspondence courses. He must “prevent the violation of constitutional or legislative powers by any officer, department or agency of the State,” which in this case is the tyrannical judiciary.

And you will find that there is only one exception – the legislature.

Not the judiciary.

Wake up, citizens. We do not have “three co-equal branches of government” as you are always told. The judiciary is the lowest power, followed by the executive and the legislative at the top.

Ultimately, this may be the reason for the executive and legislative branches' hesitation – it will usher in a dismantling of the corrupt judiciary and relegate it to the corner of state government machinations, hopefully with a huge fool's cap.

But as the late Vic Fisher said, “Liberals will always control the judiciary,” and it is the judiciary that has suppressed the grand juries, twisted the Privacy Clause, and kept our beleaguered state wrapped around its little fingers for so long, we are like Gulliver, who is tied up by Lilliputians.

Yes, all branches of government can make constitutional mistakes. For too long, however, we have viewed the judiciary as gurus and gods, leaving our republic at the mercy of their individual grievances and political prejudices.

Here is the opportunity to end it.

Bob Bird is chairman of the Alaskan Independence Party and talk show host on KSRM Radio, Kenai.

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