Kristi Noem wrote in her memoirs that she met Kim Jong Un. Now she is making this claim back

In her upcoming memoir No more turning back, South Dakota governor and potential Trump vice president Kristi Noem is trying to establish a no-nonsense reputation and denounce “fake” politicians, but the book is stirring controversy because Ms. Noem makes a series of exaggerated claims to establish her own credibility.

This continued in one interview Sunday with CBS Face the nationwhere, according to one version of the Republican leader, she refused to answer directly if she had lied about meeting North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un No more going back has made such a claim on its pages.

“I'm not going to talk about my specific meetings with world leaders,” she told host Margaret Brennan. “I just won't do that. This anecdote should not have been in the book and when it was brought to my attention I made sure it was adjusted.”

North Korea experts say it is highly unlikely that Ms. Noem ever met the North Korean leader.

According to George Lopez, a professor at the University of Notre Dame and North Korea expert, Mr. Kim did not leave North Korea from 2011 to 2018.

Benjamin Young, a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University and an expert on North Korea, said The Dakota Scout that Ms. Noem's account of the meeting with Kim was “doubtful.”

“I watch North Korea very closely and have never heard of a meeting between Kim Jong Un and congressmen or congressmen,” Mr. Young said.

In a statement about this The IndependentIan Fury, communications director for Ms. Noem's office, said: “We have been made aware that the upcoming book No more going back has two small errors. This was communicated to the ghostwriter and editor. Kim Jong Un was included in a list of world leaders and should not have been.”

No more going back It also claimed Ms Noem declined an invitation to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron, which his office declined.

Beyond the claims about world leaders, the memoir has drawn attention for Gov. Noem's account of killing a young dog on her farm after it misbehaved and ate a neighbor's chickens.

The story earned the South Dakota leader a mocking monologue from Stephen Colbert.

Gov. Noem claimed the “fake news” was exaggerating the story and argued that it was justified under state law.

“The fact is that South Dakota law states that dogs that attack and kill livestock can be euthanized,” she wrote on “After I bit, I decided what to do.”

Andrea Cavallier and John Bowden contributed to this story.

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