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The NBA's first offseason event – the draft lottery – takes place on Sunday afternoon. Here's everything Utah Jazz fans need to know ahead of Sunday's festivities:

Here's how to watch

The lottery takes place in Chicago and precedes the NBA Draft Combine, which also takes place in Chicago. The lottery airs Sunday at 1:00 p.m. MDT on ABC.

I'll be one of 12 media members in the lottery's drawing room, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the day's events here at

This will determine the order in which teams select players during the NBA Draft, which takes place on June 26th and 27th.

What to expect

The lottery determines the four best picks in the draft. The Utah Jazz enter the evening with the 8th best odds in the lottery, meaning they are most likely to go with the 8th overall pick (34.48% chance), but there is always a chance they could move up and get a top 4 pick -Get selection (approx. 26% chance).

Importantly, the Jazz have the Oklahoma City Thunder to thank for their draft pick if they fall out of the top 10. That means if three teams with worse lottery odds than the Jazz end up jumping into the top four ahead of them, that would push them out of the Jazz at No. 11 and they would have to send that draft pick to the Thunder.

It's an incredibly unlikely scenario (0.38%), but it's important to know.

Outside of the lottery, the Jazz will have two additional selections in the June 26 draft, the 28th pick via Oklahoma City and the 32nd pick via the Washington Wizards.

After the lottery, many NBA executives, scouts, agents and coaches will remain in Chicago for the NBA Combine, where they will be able to watch prospects participate in practices, scrimmages and various workouts, as well as interviews.

This is how the NBA Draft Lottery works

The 14 teams that missed the playoffs take part in the lottery. On Sunday, 14 table tennis balls with the numbers 1 to 14 are placed in a lottery machine. When four balls are drawn, 1,001 possible number combinations are possible. Before the lottery, 1,000 of the 1,001 combinations are allocated to the 14 lottery teams.

The number of combinations assigned to each team is determined in reverse order of regular season records.

The number of combinations allocated to each team in this year's draft lottery are as follows: Detroit (140), Washington (140), Charlotte (133), Portland (132), San Antonio (105), Toronto (90 ), Memphis (75), Utah (60), Brooklyn-to-Houston (45), Atlanta (30), Chicago (20), Houston (15), Sacramento (8) Golden State (7).

The team assigned the number combination that corresponds to the first four balls drawn will receive the first overall pick in the draft. The team assigned the combination of numbers corresponding to the next four balls drawn receives number 2 and this process is repeated for numbers 3 and 4.

The remaining lottery teams that did not place in the top four will continue to pick in the reverse order of the regular season.

During the draw, if a team's combination of numbers is drawn a second time after a lottery selection has already been awarded, those balls will be reset to be drawn for a different team.

The lottery drawing will be conducted in a separate and private room just before the NBA broadcasts the results of the lottery. In the lottery salon, the NBA allows a small number of media representatives and a representative from each lottery team, as well as some NBA employees and security guards.

After the top four draft picks are determined by lottery, the results are placed in envelopes and delivered to the ABC broadcast stage, where the results are announced during a live broadcast.

Video of the lottery drawing will later be shared digitally by the NBA.

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