Bear family spotted cooling off in pool at California home: Watch

Video recorded by one of the residents shows a mother bear and her two cubs having fun in the family pool: “We have never seen such small cubs before.”


A Southern California couple attracted attention with unexpected guests who arrived at their property on Monday.

The video, taken by one of the men while having lunch at home, shows a mother bear and her two cubs having fun in the family pool. The mother bear doesn't hesitate to jump right in while the cubs aren't quite sure if they're ready.

Ricky Martinez and Brian Gordon, residents of the Monrovia home, told NBC Los Angeles that they had seen the mother bear before and named her Maddie, but this was the first time they had seen the cubs.

“We respect them from an honest distance,” Martinez said. “We stay away. We let them do what they do.”

But the couple admires the bears whenever they are around. “We are the real invaders,” Gordon told NBCLA. “So we never call the police.”

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Bear sightings are common in the foothills of Monrovia

The couple purchased a bear-shaped flotation device in case the bear family decides to come over to play again. One bear particularly enjoys coming to swim with an inflatable unicorn, which the couple keep replacing because the bear keeps blowing it up.

Although there are many different bears, Maddie is her favorite. They even have a painting of her in their living room, NBCLA showed.

“She even crashed our pool parties when we were barbecuing,” Gordon shared with the partner.

Bear sightings are common up in the foothills of Monrovia, but as mating season begins, residents must be more careful about disposing of trash as it attracts the larger, more dangerous male bears.

Overall, residents of the area enjoy sharing their space with their furry friends.

“This used to be my house! I miss my bears 🐻,” one woman commented on the post, which was first shared on Instagram.

“So cool that you respect the bears! I love your bear pool.❤️,” another wrote.

Many others shared their excitement for future content about the Bears.

“We are always in awe when we see it [them], especially a mama bear with cubs. “We've never seen so few cubs before, and it was the cutest thing ever,” Martinez told NBCLA.

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