Michigan State Spartans softball player named All-Big Ten Second Team

Michigan State sophomore catcher Hannah Hawley was named second-team All-Big Ten on Wednesday morning. More than impressive would be an understatement for Hawley's performance this season. For her, being named to the second team may not be the pinnacle of her goals, but for everyone watching, being able to have as good a season as a sophomore is outstanding. The All-Big Ten catcher/thirds baseman recorded a .349 batting average, .462 on-base percentage, .671 slugging percentage and 1.133 OPS in her 50 starts as a Spartan. Hawley had 52 hits, 31 runs scored and 24 extra base hits.

With all the struggles Michigan State has had with its athletic programs lately, every little good thing is a boost for the Spartans. With the news about Hawley and the news earlier this year about Ozan Baris on the tennis team, Hawley has done a great job for the softball team and brought light to the Spartan community. After the season she had, she deserves nothing less than this award.

Another player recognized for his good year is junior catcher Macy Lee, who was named a Big Ten Sportsmanship Honoree. The Spartans should be proud of the performance and development of their softball players.

Michigan State's football and basketball teams have struggled lately. They had their ups and downs and it was a bit difficult for the fans. But hey, despite all that, her softball team made it! They didn't have the season they wanted and fell short of expectations, but they are producing good players who have bright futures.

Their success isn't just about winning games. It's about keeping their school spirit alive. When things get tough for the other teams, the softball team's victories remind us that we have real talent here. It's like an adrenaline rush for everyone and shows that with teamwork and determination we can come out on top. They keep the sporting atmosphere strong and we all cheer them on every step of the way.

The accolades for Hannah Hawley and Macy Lee are very impressive for the Spartans. You've worked hard all year and deserve every second of it.

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