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An Illinois man, John P. Shadbar, previously charged with attempted murder, is now accused of committing a hate crime in an incident in which he allegedly shot and injured his neighbor in Lockport Township on Tuesday. The victim, a 45-year-old woman, remains in critical condition following the shooting, the Will County Sheriff's Office reported. Shadbar, 70, is currently in jail without bail and is charged with a number of charges, including hate crimes, aggravated assault and aggravated discharge of a firearm.

Source: NBC News

Standoff and arrest

After the shooting, Shadbar retreated to his home, leading to a standoff with law enforcement. The Will County Sheriff's Office reported on Facebook that crisis negotiators managed to persuade him to surrender peacefully. Shadbar was subsequently arrested and taken into custody for questioning. The victim suffered a gunshot wound to the chest and required surgery for his life-threatening injuries.

Confiscation of weapons

Police officers conducted a search of Shadbar's residence and seized five firearms, including a shotgun, two handguns and two AK-47 rifles. Authorities said the weapon was believed to be one of the AK-47 rifles used in the shooting. Additionally, it was revealed that Shadbar's firearms license had been revoked in 1979 due to a previous felony arrest.

Legal proceedings

Shadbar appeared at the Will County Courthouse for arraignment on Thursday and is scheduled to return for another hearing on May 23. Court documents reveal that the victim, described as a white woman, allegedly endured years of harassment and threats from Shadbar because of her relationship with a black partner.

History of harassment

According to ABC News reports, Shadbar has a history of directing racial slurs toward the victim and her children and making death threats. The confrontation that led to the shooting was preceded by a series of arguments, including an episode in which Shadbar revved the engine of his motorcycle, prompting the victim to sound an air horn in response. This escalated into Shadbar throwing a bottle over the fence, accompanied by racist insults and threats.

Illinois man charged with attempted murder for hate crime against neighbors
Source: NBC News

Previous police operations

The sheriff's office said the victim had already contacted police twice about minor issues with Shadbar, both of which were resolved. In one instance in March, she reported Shadbar's agitated behavior toward her and her children. Later that month, another call was made about Shadbar firing fireworks and possible shots over the backyard fence. However, due to insufficient evidence, no arrest was made, the authority said.

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