Disney World's Tiana's Bayou Adventure reportedly launches June 28th

Mark your calendar if you're a Disney World fan.

This was reported by several media outlets Sunday that Tiana's Bayou Adventurewhich replaces the Magic Kingdom's Splash Mountain, will debut on June 28th.

Tiana's has been in the works for years. Disney World announced the ride in 2020 and then closed Splash Mountain in January 2023 for construction.

The Tiana ride's theme takes visitors deep into a New Orleans Mardi Gras celebration filled with music and new audio-animatronics characters.

“In many ways, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is a love letter to New Orleans,” says Walt Disney Imagineer Charita Carter has said.

The ride features Disney's first black princess and replaces an iconic but problematic attraction that had a problematic racial history. Splash Mountain was based on characters such as Brer Rabbit from the controversial 1946 Disney film Song of the South.

“It’s exciting to have a place for Tiana,” said the Broadway actor Syndee Winterswhich occurs regularly”Almost there” from the 2009 animated film “The Princess and the Frog,” which inspired the ride.

Florida Politics spoke with Winters last month while she was in Orlando to perform Disney Princess: The Concert At the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

“It’s definitely time to share her story. (Tiana) is so loved by a generation of young people who have come after me,” said Winters, who spoke openly about the importance of having Disney princesses from diverse backgrounds to connect with little girls of color step. Winters' heritage is Chinese-Jamaican.

For Orlando theme park fans, it's a time of excitement and expansion.

Disney's competitor Universal is building a new theme park from the ground up and regularly releasing new details about its grounds.

SeaWorld Orlando is also in the process of adding new exciting rides. The latest will be a family-friendly, penguin-themed roller coaster coming this spring, although SeaWorld has not yet announced an opening date.

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