The Ohio State basketball team is ranked high in a very early preseason poll

The Ohio State basketball team was much better after Chris Holtmann was fired. After Valentine's Day a year ago, the Buckeyes finished the season 8-3. While they barely made it to the NCAA tournament, Jake Diebler showed he could coach.

Now he gets a full season with his team. The squad is rebuilt with players who fit his image of what the team should look like. A lot of players came through the transfer portal. It appears the work hasn't gone unnoticed in the national college basketball media.

The Buckeyes are ranked 14th nationally in a very early CBS Sports poll. That's not a ranking the Buckeyes even reached a year ago under Holtmann. CBS seems to really like all the roster moves and the team's reaction to Diebler at the end of the year.

I can only agree. I do think the Buckeyes will do much better this year. 14th place seems a bit high to me in the previous season. They didn't even make the NCAA Tournament last season. They still have a lot to prove from a winning standpoint.

Diebler has shown that he can train on the pitch. His recruitment is also on the horizon. Now all he has to do is deliver consistent results. The expectations for the Ohio State basketball program are clear. Playing in the NCAA tournament every year is the bare minimum.

Diebler is aware of these expectations. He's trying to build a team that will not only reach the NCAA Tournament, but be successful there. All additions to the transfer portal are designed with this goal in mind.

Ohio State will be a lot more exciting to watch this season. Fans should be excited about the coming season.

Anna Harden

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