Chicago Bulls SG Zach LaVine to Orlando Magic?

ORLANDO – The Orlando Magic are rife in the rumor mill just a week after their playoff run ended at the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Among the players linked to the Magic is Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine.

“The Magic have plenty of cap space and could take on a large portion of Zach's contract, which I think would be the Bulls' dream scenario assuming that moving Zach offseason is a priority, which is common in most media reports Bulls insider Sam Smith said. “The problem the Bulls face is obviously that it is a risk, at least for now, for a team to take on the three years of LaVine's contract without seeing him play after surgery. I think Zach would fit in with his shooting and athletic style and add a lot of value to a team like Orlando, and I think they would still have a chance to bring in this veteran point guard to tighten things up a bit running, a Mike Conley-lite guy I'm not under a lot of pressure to improve dramatically next season and will probably try to wait for Anthony Black and add something like you did on the fringes with Banchero and Wagner speculate.”

The Magic still have some work to do and would like to have someone with more firepower and creative skills on offense, but LaVine may not work out as well as he would on paper.

LaVine is about to enter his age-30 season and is coming off a year in which he played in just 25 games due to injury. He's also signed on for over $138 million over the next three seasons, which is a lot of money to pay someone who just played a quarter of a season.

LaVine also doesn't have the defensive prowess that fits the Magic's identity. While the current defensive system could help hide LaVine's deficiencies on that side of the ball, the overall fit is a question mark.

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