Furniture Bank of North Central Ohio is opening on Springmill St. in Mansfield

MANSFIELD – North central Ohio's first furniture bank is now open and ready to accept donations of used furniture and household items.

A furniture bank functions similarly to a food bank, providing furniture to those in need, including:

 Individuals and families transitioning into homelessness
 Victims of domestic violence
 Emancipated foster youth
 Victims of personal crises and natural disasters
 Immigrants and refugee families
 Veterans

Furniture and household items are an often overlooked necessity for people seeking stability, security, comfort and a better future.

Furniture not only fills a home with practical comfort, but also provides a sense of hope and dignity for those starting over and/or recovering from a crisis – furniture offers individuals the opportunity to relax, reflect and regenerate, to go out and build a better life for themselves and their families.

The mission of the furniture bank is to empower families to achieve sustainable independence. This mission cannot be achieved without a community-based response.

The furniture bank asks for donations of clean, gently used and functional items.

Donations will be accepted by appointment at the facility at 775 Springmill Street or can be arranged for free pickup (if possible, please consider a small donation to cover fuel costs).

Once the furniture bank has furniture, it will begin processing referrals as early as June.

Furniture Bank of North Central Ohio will operate in Richland County and expand into surrounding Ashland, Huron, Morrow and Delaware counties as resources and operational capabilities permit.

The program also includes a Beds for Children component, where beds are provided for all children who need one.

You can learn more about Furniture Bank of North Central Ohio by visiting them at or on Facebook at @furniturebanknorthcentalohio.

In addition to furniture and household items, the furniture bank also happily accepts monetary donations to support the business.

The furniture bank is also recruiting volunteers to help renovate and clean furniture. Please call The Furniture Bank at 419-709-7649 or contact their Executive Director, Pam Milligan, directly at 775-771-5876.

Anna Harden

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