Steady Mother's Day rains no damper for North Texas moms – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Mother's Day celebrations continued in downtown Dallas, despite steady rain showers and puddles throughout the afternoon.

“We had planned to come to the farmers market from the beginning, so we didn't let a little rain stop us from having fun,” said Christine Perez.

And Christine Pérez told her son and future daughter-in-law that this was the most important thing.

“It means everything, it really does,” Perez said. “This is the best part of Mother’s Day.”

This is the third weekend in a row that parts of North Texas experienced heavy spring rains, causing flash flooding in some areas. The heaviest rainfall on Sunday remained mostly north of Dallas.

“I think rain teaches us resilience when you go out and play in the rain,” Angela George said. “So you know you can play in the rain just as well as in the sun.”

“We have a lot of flowers in our garden this year, so we really like the rain,” Sharbari Dey added. “That's good.”

Between produce, flowers and walks, there's time to capture the Mother's Day moment at the Dallas Farmers Market in both pictures and reflections.

“It gives us so much meaning in our lives,” Dey said. “We're lucky that my mother and mother-in-law are still alive so we can celebrate it both ways, so it's a fantastic day.”

“I lost my mother a few years ago, others I know did too,” Perez said. “Others are in strained relationships, so it’s time to be really, really grateful for what you have.”

“I think a lot about my mother and how she raised me with so much grace, vibrancy and beauty and taught me to be the mother I am now,” George said. “The mother I’m growing up to be.”

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