NY Knicks melt against Indiana Pacers on Mother's Day

It’s one of those NBA Playoff losses that will leave you feeling sorry for the losing team.

The New York Knicks have seemingly fallen back to earth in their semifinal series against the Indiana Pacers.

Jalen Brunson, Josh Hart, Donte DiVincenzo and the rest of NY’s crew suffered a meltdown, sinking to a 28-point deficit at the half against Indy’s fast offense.

The fatigue caught up to the Knicks, who lost 121-89 on Sunday. 

Indy's Game 4 win evened the series (2-2) and bounced NY back after the Knicks took a 2-0 series advantage.

New York's Villanova Three (Brunson, Hart, DiVi) were at the box office early in the postseason. The Knicks lost role player OG Anunoby to an injury in Game 3, which impacted New York's poor performance in Game 4. After the game, Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau attempted to mitigate blame for the loss of Anunoby by leaving the blame on the team by reminding reporters that New York played without Anunoby to begin the season.

The Nova 3 combined for 27 points in the Mother's Day loss.

At this point in the series, the Knicks' tenacity in responding to a fast Indiana team was their biggest weapon. Indy kept pressure on New York throughout the series; The only difference in Games 1 and 2 was that the Knicks always managed to fight back.

In Game 4, the Knicks were under attack and were almost eliminated at halftime.

The Knicks' bench contributed to the loss as they performed poorly without reserve guard Alec Burks (20 points). However, the bench failed to score in the third quarter and was outscored 17-0 by Indy, putting the Knicks under before the start of the fourth quarter.

The Pacers have been waiting for this momentum. Games 1 and 2 were disappointing for the Pacers due to their relentless attack despite the inconsistencies of Tyrese Haliburton and TJ McConnell.

Pacers role players like Myles Turner, Obi Toppin, Andrew Nembhard and Pascal Siakam have put on some serious muscle in wins and losses in this series.

“Every game is extremely important,” Pacers coach Rick Carlisle said after Game 4. “Every game was different in some way.”

New York will face heavy pressure from their hometown crowd when they lose Game 5 at MSG.

A loss in Game 5 could lead to an unprecedented collapse in Knicks history.

“We are a team that has only achieved half of our goal,” Carlisle added.

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