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I couldn't help but smile when I read a Sentinel article headlined “Gasoline Prices Are Going Up Again, What's Going On?” The author reported that a AAA spokesman said, “The West Coast is seen by many as an oil island, far removed from the major production centers of Texas, Oklahoma and the Gulf Coast.”

I don't think the liberals who control California understand that this state was once one of the largest oil and gas producers in the country! But liberal policies have driven the oil companies out of the state and are doing everything they can to stop production, even though 90 percent of the vehicles on the roads still rely on oil and gas.

One of the largest oil reservoirs in the country (billions of barrels) is in central California and will never be developed. Liberals just never seem to get it. You can't have both.

If I were an oil company in California, I would demand everything I could just because the state is doing everything it can to drive out the industry.

—Elwin Haddix, Ben Lomond

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