Two horses stranded in mud in the Connecticut woods were brought to safety by 40 rescuers


Two horses stranded on their sides in a swampy mess were pulled to safety by 40 first responders who fought through knee-deep mud in the Connecticut woods to complete the grueling, five-hour rescue, officials said.

The horses were wandering about three-quarters of a mile behind a Lebanese farm when they became stuck in a “swampy area” Saturday, the city's volunteer fire department said.

According to the authorities, one of the two was trapped for seven hours.

The grueling process of rescuing the two horses took approximately five hours from start to finish. Lebanon Volunteer Fire Department Inc.

Rescuers from various aid organizations used a truck to transport equipment, including ropes, wood and plywood, to the scene of the accident to build a sled to help pull the animals out of the deep mud.

“The access road was completely muddy and a river had to be crossed [halfway] in,” the department wrote.

A makeshift bridge was built from logs, wooden slats and plywood so that rescuers could walk into the forest.

Both horses were pulled out of the mud by 40 first responders. Lebanon Volunteer Fire Department Inc.

After the first horse rolled onto the sleigh, it took about 30 minutes for the animal to get to solid ground. It took rescuers another 30 minutes to get the second horse to safety by 6 p.m

In the end both horses were fine. Lebanon Volunteer Fire Department Inc.

Photos of the dramatic rescue show a harness wrapped around one of the horses as rescuers prepared to pull the sleigh out of the forest, and also showed rescue workers cutting up tree trunks and dragging them to the muddy accident scene.

In total, it took five hours to set up a path to the horses, free them from the mud and assess their health, the fire department said.

While both horses were in “mild distress,” they were able to stand up easily and soon began eating fresh hay, the fire department said.

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