A California judge dismisses Elon Musk's X data destruction lawsuit

A California judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by Elon Musk-owned Company X against data scraping company Bright Data. In it, X alleged that the company violated its terms of service and circumvented its platform's security measures.

In a filing this month, the judge found that X's interpretation and treatment of U.S. copyright laws differed significantly from Congress' interpretation, meaning that the arguments of

“The result is that X Corp. would, relying on state contract and tort law, enshrine a separate private copyright system that competes with, or even conflicts with, the actual copyright system enacted by Congress. “The

Additionally, the judge noted that X did not allege that Bright Data used an

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The filing noted that

Additionally, the court decision also highlighted how X handles and monetizes its own users' data, despite raising concerns about user privacy.

“X Corp.” is happy to allow you to extract and copy the contents of

Musk has in the past reacted emotionally to the idea of ​​scraping X-data, accusing Microsoft and OpenAI of doing it to train their AI models.

As a result, the social media platform temporarily restricted user activity and also prevented users from fully viewing its content unless they created an account.

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