A California woman heard strange noises coming from her home and discovered the following

People living near forests often face the problem of animals breaking into their homes. Something similar happened to a house in California, USA. A woman experienced a similar incident. She was sleeping that afternoon and a noise she heard shook her to the core. She started hearing strange noises. According to her, she started hearing the sound of people breathing heavily. In her curiosity, she opened the door and was shocked at the sight. She found an animal in the room. The story she shared on Instagram shocked everyone. The woman named Corinna Bubenheim said her German Shepherd started barking frantically. It started running around the avocado trees near the house. At first she thought a squirrel might have gotten into her house. What she found scared her. A huge animal was hiding there. It resembled the tiger.

Corinna, a Los Angeles resident, had never seen such lions before. According to her, “I looked up and thought, maybe it's a possum that you normally see.” But as soon as I saw its big paws and fur, I got scared. It turned out to be a mountain lion. I had never seen this majestic lion before.” The rare sight of the animal frightened her.

According to Corrina, mountain lions are not very common in the area. These dangerous creatures should not be taken lightly. They cause great harm to the people they attack and are considered one of the most feared animals in the jungle. According to Los Angeles Animal Services, there are very few mountain lions in California. One study found that there were only 3,200 to 4,500 lions in the area. Mountain lions are very dangerous animals.

In March of this year, a man was attacked by a lion, which claimed his life. The lion was hunted.

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