A police Rolls-Royce? Miami introduces it…but not everyone loves it

TThe most famous police force in the world for its fleet of vehicles is Dubai's, but now it is Miami Beach Police (MBPD) has just unveiled a patrol car they would like to have in the emirate: a Rolls-Royce with all the badges visible on the body, driving through the streets of this popular tourist city.

“We are pleased to introduce this impressive addition to the MBPD recruiting team, courtesy of Braman Motors,” said the Miami Beach Police said on social media Thursday, showing a video of the Rolls-Royce's full capabilities.

A career advancement strategy

The police hope that the addition of this unique model, which costs approximately $250,000, to its fleet of police cruisers will inspire new careers in law enforcement that “exemplify the highest standards of police commitment and quality in our commitment to residents and visitors.” “. '.

“It's difficult to recruit police officers in this country these days.” “It will be fantastic to use this car as a recruiting aid,” said the Miami Beach police chief Wayne Jones said WSVN 7 News.

The car is equipped with all the usual police features, from sirens and lights to the national flag and “Miami Beach Police” insignia prominently displayed on the body.

The flashy Rolls-Royce was free to taxpayers as it was borrowed free of charge from dealer Braman Motors, which covered all installation costs, police said.

Social media controversy

Aside from joking comments on social media about the addition of this Rolls-Royce to the Miami Beach police fleet (some followers wondered if the Phantom would carry champagne to entertain the inmates), the Miami radio host said Grant Stern took a dig at the initiative on his X account: “How can you make an entire city seem completely out of touch with reality (because it is)?”

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