3 big implications for the Orlando Magic after the NBA Draft Lottery

It's been a long week since the Orlando Magic were eliminated from the playoffs in Game 7. But the week and the season before had everyone very excited about the coming season.

Everyone knows the Magic have a ton of cap room – around $30 million or more depending on what they do with multiple team options and non-guarantees for next year. It's an exciting offseason for the Magic with a chance to make some significant improvements through free agents.

It's only been a week, but fans are already dancing with trade ideas involving many big names. The betting markets are already predicting that the Magic will be favorites in both trade targets and free agency. The rumor mill is churning and the Magic could sign some big-name free agents like Paul George or Klay Thompson.

Orlando's front office may still be trying to reboot, sending all operations staff to restart after a longer-than-average season.

However, the work continues this week with the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago. There, the Magic will have their first chance to directly interview and evaluate prospects in preparation for the NBA Draft on June 27th and 28th (the first round is the 27th, the second round the following day).

The final piece of the puzzle was completed on Sunday afternoon. The NBA Draft order was set so that the Atlanta Hawks defied all odds and won the lottery with a 3.0 percent chance of landing the top pick. It's always chaotic when a team that made the play-in tournament gets the No. 1 overall seed.

Things get even more chaotic when you consider the crossroads the Hawks team finds itself at.

Orlando will only be selected 18th in the NBA draft. It's a different kind of draft for the Magic. It's been a while since they haven't entered the lottery and haven't been looking for the best player to add to a collection of young players. Just like it's been a while since the team has tried to strengthen a team with growing playoff aspirations – one of the goals from exit interviews was knowing how important home field advantage is to the playoffs.

Now that the draft order is set and the future is more clearly in focus, the Magic have a lot of questions to answer.

Everything for the offseason starts with the draft. This is the first time teams have considered offseason acquisitions. Draft day is the day the transaction window begins. Orlando is now counting down to the draft.

With the lottery order set, there are now many questions for the Magic. While everyone is excited about free agency, the draft regulation has raised some questions that the Magic will have to think about over the next month.

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