Tiakeysha Ellison wants to bring financial acumen to Orlando's 5th District

ORLANDO, Fla. – Early voting is underway for the Orlando City Council District 5 special election.

Seven candidates are vying for the seat that became vacant when Commissioner Regina Hill was arrested and suspended from office.

We asked each candidate the same questions. Below are Tiakeysha Ellison's answers.

NOTE: We did not receive responses from every candidate.

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How long have you lived in District 5?

I have lived in District 5 most of my life. About 30 years to be exact.

What is your profession?

I am a serial entrepreneur, business coach/mentor, and president of two non-profit organizations, Blues Truth and Cansus.

What motivated you to enter the race?

I am running because I feel my offering is needed in District 5. I have the ability to assemble a team, allocate resources, make difficult decisions and help people out of financial difficulties by providing them with the right resources. Knowledge and funding.

What do you think are the specific needs of District 5 and how would you work to address them?

I believe District 5 needs oversight on crime, homelessness, home improvement/tree trimming funding for the elderly, and sustainable housing. As Commissioner, I would provide seniors (over 50) access to financing for home repairs and tree trimming. I would provide the homeless with mental health counseling, health care, and more financial resources to get people healthy and off the streets. To help reduce crime, I would be available to District 5 by hosting community forums, workshops and outreach events to educate residents about the program's goals, strategies and resources available to support crime prevention efforts stand.

What else would you like to bring to District 5 and the city of Orlando?

If elected, I would like to establish a Blues Truth office that offers free services in credit repair, money management, entrepreneurial resources, financial advice, business plan development, and hands-on workshops (ages 14 and up). Where people can take up a profession to become an electrician, plumber, beautician, carpenter, interior designer etc. I would like to see a transition program/policy put in place. To allow people living in neighborhoods like the Jernigan Garden apartments to transition into home ownership after a certain period of time (preferably 2+ years). This means that others in need can move in, and those who were there can move out into their own home. They have access to resources and financing to help with budgeting/savings, rebuilding credit, and money for down payment and closing costs.

I want to provide financial support to cancer patients, alleviating a significant burden and enabling them to focus their energy and attention on fighting the disease. Financial stress can be overwhelming and make an already challenging situation even more difficult. With support, patients have to worry less about medical bills, treatment costs and daily expenses and can concentrate fully on their health and recovery.

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