According to a new poll, Trump is ahead of Biden in five of six swing states

New polls show President Joe Biden trailing former President Donald Trump in several key battleground states. The former president is making inroads into some traditionally Democratic voter groups.

The former president referenced the latest New York Times/Siena poll on his way into a New York courtroom on Monday.

“The New York Times just released a poll that shows we're way ahead everywhere,” Trump told reporters.

According to the latest figures, he has every reason to be optimistic. Trump leads in five of six battleground states, including Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia and Nevada. Biden was in Wisconsin.

At a rally in New Jersey over the weekend, Trump said Democratic strongholds were in play in November.

“We’re officially going to play in the state of New Jersey and win the state of New Jersey,” he told the audience.

The new polls suggest Trump and Biden are tied with Hispanic voters, with 31% support for each candidate. The group polled more than 60% for Biden in 2020, helping him to a presidential victory.

Biden may also have a problem with young voters. Campus protests have expressed disappointment over U.S. support for Israel in the country's war with Hamas. The latest poll found that 13% of 2020 Biden voters who do not plan to vote for him in 2024 cited the war in Gaza and foreign policy as their most important issue.

Nearly 80% of 18- to 29-year-olds surveyed said major economic changes were needed or the system needed to be completely dismantled, with Trump receiving far more support in the poll as the candidate who would shake up the system. The poll also showed that black voters' support for Biden may be weakening as Trump makes gains. The president is hosting several events this week aimed at Black audiences as he tries to shore up the support that helped him win in 2020.

However, there is still a long way to go until the election in November. UNLV politics professor Kenneth Miller said nothing is set in stone six months before the election.

“This was a strange poll, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. “If you're in the Biden campaign you're worried but not alarmed, if you're in the Trump campaign you're encouraged but you're not popping the champagne corks yet,” he said. Miller said Trump has done better. It's his job to get his voters on board, and Democratic voters haven't yet united around Biden.

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