Ohio man's 21st birthday in Vegas turns into $362,000 celebration | Casinos and games

Damon Howell's winning hand consisted of 10-JQKA hearts.  (Caesars)

Visiting from a hamlet in Ohio with a population of about 1,500. Celebrate your 21st birthday. Play Ultimate Texas Hold'em at O'Shea. Win $362,240. Decide to buy a house.

A dream? No.

It happened to Damon Howell of Union City, Ohio, on Friday, according to a press release from Caesars.

“The birthday boy was overcome with shock and disbelief, initially thinking that it was 'not real' and that he was 'too young to figure out' what he wanted to do with the winnings,” the press release said. “In the end, however, Howell stated that he would like to use the jackpot money to buy a house.

Another Friday night, at least for one, in Vegas.

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