HEATH: Hey, Massachusetts! Veterans and non-illegal aliens should be a top priority

The headline says it all: “Massachusetts Kills Plan to Prioritize Homeless Veterans Over Migrants.”

Massachusetts lawmakers are scrapping plans to prioritize homeless veterans — homeless veterans who have served this country — over migrants. The priorities in the People's Republic of Massachusetts are so mixed up.

All but two Democrats in the Massachusetts House of Representatives voted Friday against an amendment that would require nationwide shelter provision and give U.S. military veterans priority over migrants. All 25 House Republicans voted in favor, but only two Democrats walked down the aisle. And 129 Democrats voted against it.

They're so upside down in Massachusetts that they can't make a fundamental decision. Even if you want to take care of the illegal immigrants, with housing, welfare and all the government benefits, they had to spend almost a billion dollars in their last budget to support the undocumented people in their state. Even if you support this spending, can't you prioritize veterans and housing?

In other words, Massachusetts, you cannot commit to not evicting a veteran who has served this country. When it comes to any type of housing where there is public and tax support, can't you just say you're going to keep veterans in place? As opposed to replacing the veteran with someone who just came to this country and has done nothing for the United States of America?

You can't make this decision because your head is so twisted.

It's not even a bleeding heart problem. I get it: you are so concerned – even fixated – on the people who come to this country to seek asylum. But can you care less about the less than one percent of Americans who serve in our military in a country of 330 million people? Can't prioritize these people? Are you kidding me?

I wonder what the outcome would be if we had the same vote here in New Hampshire. I know Republicans would vote against it. And I really think some Democrats would certainly say, “No, veterans have to come first.” But I wonder how many others wouldn't?

I'm from Massachusetts, but I had the good sense to leave the country decades ago. If I lived there today, I would be so ashamed reading this story on Saturday morning. And I can't even imagine what it's like to be a veteran in Massachusetts and see that.

Wow. You're going to kick a 78-year-old Vietnam veteran out of his housing situation in Massachusetts for someone who just entered this country illegally?

There are many differences between our two states (our motto, “Live Free or Die,” which encapsulates “The Spirit of America”), and one big difference is our respect and appreciation for our veterans. We always strive to take better care of them because we make it here.

And I think a lot of people in Massachusetts understand it too.

The problem is that they also get what they vote for.

Ask yourself, Massachusetts: How does this work for you?

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