4 cities in Maine are among the most romantic getaway destinations in the country

You probably know all about the stereotypical things that are considered romantic. Holding hands on the beach. Exchanging kisses in the rain. A picnic where people feed each other strawberries. The list goes on and on.

But many of these things are considered cliche because they worked for a very long time. As many couples who have been together for a very long time would attest, romance is important and one of the keys to a lasting relationship.

A lifestyle blog called Honeymoon Always aims to help couples keep the fire burning or perhaps spice things up. They recently compiled a comprehensive list of the most romantic destinations across America for those looking to spend a weekend (or longer) with the love of their life.

Four different cities in Maine made the list, and that really shouldn't be a surprise. These cities regularly attract people for a variety of reasons and can add romance to the list if they haven't already.

Bar Harbor

Fendy Fradana

Fendy Fradana

Bar Harbor attracts tourists to the small town every summer to explore nearby hiking trails, visit beaches and enjoy everything the seaside town has to offer. But it's also one of Maine's best places to get married and honeymoon, with plenty of romantic restaurants, picnic spots, and sunset cruises.


Another of the most visited summer tourist destinations in Maine is Ogunquit. But there is also plenty of romance in this small town. Take a sunset stroll along Marginal Way, attend an evening performance at the Ogunquit Playhouse, or enjoy an incredible dinner at Clay Hill Farm in nearby Cape Neddick.


While many of Maine's most notable summer hotspots may be crowded, Rockland is large enough that it doesn't feel “too crowded.” There's plenty of culture to explore, as Rockland is an underrated destination for art fans with numerous museums to explore, and a sunrise stroll to the incredible Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse is a romantic experience.


Kennebunkport New England Maine USA on a sunny afternoon


There's a lot of romance in Kennebunkport as the town is full of picturesque spots, easy walks, and beaches where you can enjoy an incredible sunrise or sunset. Earth at Hidden Pond remains one of Maine's most sought-after restaurants, and Kennebunkport is home to several of the state's most luxurious resorts.

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