Jerry Dipoto praises catcher Cal Raleigh on the latest “Wheelhouse” episode

Seattle Mariners President of Baseball Operations Jerry Dipoto praised catcher Cal Raleigh on the latest edition of The Wheelhouse podcast.

The podcast is a team-approved podcast in which Dipoto answers questions from hosts Aaron Goldsmith and Gary Hill Jr. The podcast comes out about once a month.

You can hear Raleigh's comments on the Mariners' “X” account below:

“He is a driving force in our offense. You know, he's the guy you'd like to see in those big moments. Over the years he tends to deliver results. And the leadership he brings to our pitching with his guidance.” Staff, every year, even month after month, it gets a little better…”

Dipoto went on to say more about how Raleigh runs the pitching staff and has an understanding of the league as a whole that helps him do so.

Everything Dipoto says is true: While the M's pitching staff generally gets recognition for its own natural ability, how important Raleigh is to the group cannot be overstated. Additionally, despite the team's offensive woes, Raleigh has remained the go-to starter. He is batting just .218 but has 10 home runs and 24 RBI. He has an OPS+ of 120 and has hit 27 home runs or more in each of the last two seasons.

The Mariners begin a 10-game road trip Friday night against the Baltimore Orioles. You can read the game preview here. The game begins at 4:05 p.m. PT.

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