Five grocery stores in Connecticut serve top-notch prepared foods

Some of my favorite meals lately have been made by grocery store employees. It's so convenient to have fried chicken, a pizza, and even seafood right next to your groceries. We've all swallowed a gas station hot dog or a slice of cardboard pizza out of desperation, but the best meals I've had lately have been at five local supermarkets.

There are many nights when I don't feel like cooking, and I don't like buying food that a 16-year-old made on the first day. I never buy hot, prepared food from Stop & Shop or Shop Rite as there have been far too many inconsistencies over the years. In my opinion, five smaller grocery stores here have hired great chefs and use top-notch ingredients.

Five grocery stores in Connecticut serve top-notch prepared foods

Most supermarkets and grocery stores offer prepared foods, some have pizza ovens, sushi bars and even their own coffee house. When I don't feel like cooking, these are the five grocery stores here that I think offer great takeout options

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