Former South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier has ZERO comments

Steve Spurrier finished his coaching career at South Carolina before the Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) era took hold in college athletics.

The head ball coach has made comments in the past about how he would handle NIL if he were still a coach. Amid the national discussions on this topic, he has some new thoughts.

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“I think they need to come up with a budget. The Power Five teams, you have $30 million to spend on your team and that's it,” Spurrier said during an appearance on WDAE. If you want to give a quarterback your all, that's your call. But set a limit and let them spread the word and go from there.”

Topics being discussed in college sports include revenue sharing, zero-spend camps and collective bargaining among institutions, conferences and student-athletes.

“It will help bring recruiting back into play,” Spurrier explained. “At the moment, only the person paying the most money is paying, and it shouldn’t be like that. And in fact, the teams that pay the most money don’t always win anyway.”

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Spurrier was known for directing criticism at other programs throughout his illustrious career. While he didn't take a shot at any particular team in his recent comments, he did point out that some big-budget schools haven't been elite recently.

“I think Texas A&M, Miami and Southern Cal have been three of the biggest donors here over the last couple of years, but they haven't won much,” Spurrier said. “You still need a good attitude, good teamwork and players out there playing for each other.”

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