Bingham Healthcare opens new urgent care in Idaho Falls

IDAHO FALLS – A new urgent care facility has opened in Idaho Falls.

Bingham Healthcare held a ribbon cutting Thursday for a new 1st Choice Urgent Care. This new facility is the fifth that Bingham has opened. It offers six rooms, a medical director, several nurses and physician assistants.

“We are passionate about helping people across the region stay healthy, and the caring and compassionate doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants at 1st Choice Urgent Care are a great team of caregivers dedicated to this mission,” said Jake Erickson, CEO of Bingham Healthcare.

The new urgent care is located at 3302 Valencia Drive in a building Bingham already owned, with a family medicine clinic and a surgical center. Valerie Jewett, director of marketing and public relations, said Bingham Healthcare conducted market research before deciding to open the urgent care facility.

“After market research and analysis, the need for urgent care in this area was apparent,” Jewett said.

Like most cities in eastern Idaho, the population is growing, and Jewett said Bingham is also growing.

“Bingham is growing so quickly … in most valleys across the entire eastern side of the state,” Jewett said. “Just knowing that care is being expanded so comprehensively in our communities is wonderful that we have had the opportunity to grow the way we have.”

Jewett also said urgent care is increasing because many people, particularly young people, do not have an established primary care doctor. If you have a medical problem, it may be quicker to seek emergency care.

“We don't plan on getting sick and maybe we don't have the time to wait for an appointment and the way the world is going, urgent care is great. You can come in if you’re not feeling well, you can come in if you’re just not sure, and you don’t have to call, make an appointment and wait two or three days.”

Urgent care providers can treat serious or urgent but non-life-threatening conditions, including minor fractures and fractures, allergic reactions, infections, and many other conditions.

While emergency care can treat a variety of conditions, Jewett still recommends people see a primary care doctor.

“What's so important about a primary care doctor is that he's kind of like the coach of your team and if he sees something that could make you healthier, maybe a change that could give you a better quality of life, then he'll take a look Your best interest,” Jewett said.

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