ABC's “Station 19” Using the NH Incident as Episode Inspiration?

Explosion of gender reveal in NH

It's crazy considering it's been three years since this incident as it feels like it was Only in the headlines, but during the long heyday of over-the-top gender reveal parties, one such party sparked an explosion that rocked several neighborhoods and communities.

CBS Boston via YouTube / oksana_nazarchuk

CBS Boston via YouTube / oksana_nazarchuk

Kingston Gender Reveal Party

Back in April 2021, a gender reveal party was held at a remote Torromeo Industries property in Kingston, New Hampshire. In fact, the area was so remote that no one knew the party was taking place.

Until, in an attempt to find out the sex of the expectant parents' baby, 80 pounds of an over-the-counter substance called Tannerite exploded with such force that neighboring towns like Plaistow, New Hampshire, felt the effects, according to WMUR.

And it seems entirely possible that the popular ABC show Ward 19 borrowed the headline for one of the series' storylines.

TV advertising via YouTube

TV advertising via YouTube

Ward 19 Gender reveal

In the 7th episode of the 7th season of Ward 19 titled give everythingwhich aired on ABC on Thursday, May 9, 2024, one of the episode's storylines involves Station 19 firefighters being called to a remote wooded area due to reports of smoke.

After confusion as to why they were called there, the crew was sent in the direction of – you guessed it – a gender reveal party in the woods where fireworks were lit, creating a fire hazard.

Sound familiar?

Although it is not an exact replica of the Kingston incident in 2021, the similarities are certainly there.

A gender reveal party in a remote area that results in an explosion/fire? Far too random for art not to imitate life.

You're welcome, Shonda Rhimes.

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