Two of Michigan's best-known drive-in theaters are closing

As the pandemic was in full swing, Americans felt a comforting, nostalgic feeling while driving to movie theaters and movie theaters and announced that they would continue showing films. This led to more and more people returning to the tradition of driving off in their cars with their loved ones or friends, sitting back and watching a double feature from their own vehicle.

Michigan is fortunate to have so many cool, unique and historic movie theaters in the Lower Peninsula. Unfortunately, two of the most well-known movie theaters have announced their closure, and it's quite possible that this could mean the end of these drive-in theaters for good. The 5-Mile Drive-in in Dowagiac made the announcement yesterday, citing a personal family issue that would close not only 5-Mile, but also its sister drive-in Sunset in Hartford:


It is with heavy hearts that we announce the closure of the 5 Mile Drive-In Cinema this summer. As a family-run company, our business is closely linked to the well-being of our own family members. Unforeseen health challenges in our family require us to take a step back during this time. With that in mind, both the 5 Mile Drive-In and its sister theater, Sunset Drive-In, are for sale. If you have any questions or would like to explore further options, please contact us.

We hope their family can stay strong during these difficult times, and as one person pointed out, we hope the land is sold to someone with an interest in keeping the drive-in afloat, rather than one Property developer.

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