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I've known Megan McKenna since I was in middle school eight years ago. She was my first teacher
in Utah and my favorite ever since.

She taught environmental science at Park City High School, but was more than just an educator; she was a friend. I often visited her in her classroom early in the morning. I would notice that she struggled hard with grading assignments, creating lesson plans, and planning the day. But she always found time for me. We told stories and talked about each other's day.

I would eventually become a TA for her class. There were times when I taught a single class and could never measure up to their teachings. Ms. McKenna had such a passion for nature that she always made her students more curious and passionate about what she saw. When everything was done for the day, I came back to her classroom and chatted until we both had to go home.

There was a time when I was overwhelmed and broke down crying in her classroom, and I confided in her. She was there to comfort me and help me. There was never a moment when Ms. McKenna was not considerate of the feelings of others. She always cared about others and always tried to find solutions to help them.

Compassionate and caring towards the world and the people in it, she was always a kind soul. If I have learned anything from their friendship, it is that she would be a great candidate for Summit County Council membership. She will always strive to serve others and always put their interests first.

Please vote for Megan McKenna!

Antoine Cruz

Park City

Anna Harden

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